Frequently Asked Questions

How does the doctor keep up to date on all of the current techniques and materials?

Dentistry is constantly evolving, so we do a number of things to stay up to date on all of the current research. We are active members of a variety of organizations at local, provincial, and national levels in order to provide a continuum of lifelong learning and education in oral healthcare.

How do I know when it’s time to come in for a checkup?

We know your schedule is busy, so we’ll remind you when it’s time to come in to see us. We usually schedule your next checkup in advance, so we’ll give you a courtesy reminder via email & telephone a few days in advance of your appointment.

Do you accept new clients?

Yes! We are always welcoming new clients; we look forward to meeting you & your family.

Do you accept referrals?

Yes! We always welcome referrals from other doctors, patients and friends; they are our biggest compliment.

What about after care?
Are there special instructions I should be aware of?

Click these links for printable after care documents for various procedures from our office:

At what age should my children first see a dentist?

We encourage routine check-ups for all members of the family. Unless a parent notes a particular problem, we encourage the first dental visit and cleaning at three years of age. Your pediatrician may advise a sooner visit if developmental problems are noted.

Do you accept my insurance plan?

As a courtesy to you, our staff will help you file your insurance claims. Please keep in mind that some dental procedures may not be covered by your dental insurance plan. We make our best effort to provide patients with the best care available. Payment for services is due at the time of service. We strongly feel that insurance should not dictate the timing or quality of your dental care.

What different payment options do you provide?

We have easy payment options for you and your family. Please see this document for more information

What do I do if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

If you have an emergency, please call our office number right away. Our phone message will direct you to the number to call for assistance.

How can I safely whiten my teeth?

We offer a variety of professional tooth whitening systems to our patients. Different patients have dark or discolored teeth for a variety of reasons. We offer professional home whitening for the brightest smile possible.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

As your dental professionals, we care about both your health and safety. Our practice follows a variety of precautions to ensure your well-being while you are in our office. We have a specific area in our office designed to centralize sterilization, and the sterilization procedure is monitored and tested on a daily basis for your protection and peace of mind. Your safety is our top priority.

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